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Often overlooked as insignificant, diet and lifestyle play a foundational role in wellness and recovery from disease. For a Naturopathic Doctor, as with a holistic nutritionist, food is medicine and not overlooked. For us, clinical nutrition is placed at the heart of health. It is the targeted application of food to alter health: what we put into our bodies results in what we get out.

Vancouver Naturopaths have…

… 4 years of training in the use of clinical nutrition to treat disease and support optimal health. In addition to studying the scientific basis for dietary recommendations, Naturopathic Doctors also have a keen understanding of the biochemistry of nutrition in order to develop holistic nutrition protocols that support wellness, disease prevention, and recovery from chronic illness.

The most current research shows that proper nutrition is not only essential for your quality of life, but it can help correct imbalances in the body thereby supporting your health for the long-term. And the best part? Holistic nutrition Vancouver is 100% natural and the side effect is better health!

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